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Principal: Joan Schell, EdD
Program Coordinator, General Administration: Nancy Garlock
Program Coordinator, Special Education Administration: Elizabeth Bednarski-Mahon

Now enrolling for 2014-2015


To inquire, please call 772-1390 and leave a message or email Nancy Garlock at

Parents may request a free developmental screening for their child at any time. To schedule a screening, please contact Nancy Garlock at 772-1390 or email

school house

October 2014 Newsletter

school house

We have been practicing what to do to stay safe in case of an emergency. We had our first fire drill and will continue to have them throughout the year. We will also be practicing “Code Yellow” lockdown when we stay safe in our classrooms. Your child may come home with questions. This is part of their learning process as they begin to understand how to take care of themselves in an emergency situation. Please discuss any questions/concerns you may have with your child’s teacher or call Nancy Garlock at 772-1390.


October 9
PTO Meeting – 6:00-7:00 pm

October 13
No preschool

October 24th
No preschool

Cold and flu season is rapidly approaching and families often have to make difficult decisions about whether their child is able to go to school. If your child has diarrhea, vomiting or fever, they need to stay home. They can return to school after they have been symptom and medication free for 24 hours. When your child has a cold or cough, you will want to consider how under the weather they are. If your child is not able to actively participate, they probably need to rest at home. At some time during the school year, your child may require medication during the school day. In order for us to be able to dispense medication, we must have a written order completed by your child’s physician. These forms are available in the office. Please deliver all medications directly to the staff in the office.

Please come and join us for a coffee hour!  Enjoy the coffee, connect with other parents/families, learn more about AEL and ask questions! It’s a chance to talk about kids, parenting, preschool, or just enjoy having an hour for you!  Coffee hour will be on Wednesday October 1st from 8:45 a.m.-9:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m. in the principal’s office.

Registration is now open for the Stop and Shop A+ Rewards program. The new period for earning points will be October 3, 2014 through March 19, 2015. Please go to to register your card to begin earning money for our school. Our school is listed as North Parish Elementary School, ID# 05139. We have also included some registration information flyers for you to share with friends and family. The more people register, the more money our school earns.

The drop-off and pick-up routine is running more smoothly each day. Please remember that if you are in the drop- off/pick-up line, you must stay in your car and wait for the line to move forward until you are the 1st in line. We discourage drivers from pulling around other cars in the line as this creates an unsafe situation. The afternoon bus sometimes arrives early and this tends to hold up the line. If you are pressed for time, it may be quicker to park on the street and walk over to pick up your child.  We ask that families follow the posted signs and not park from in front of the fire hydrant to the corner of Place Terrace and Conway St. Thank you everyone for being patient and keeping our drop-off/pick-up safe for everyone!


Our PTO has a clothing exchange room where you can donate your child’s gently used clothing that they have outgrown or come get “new” clothing for your child. Everything is FREE! This room is open all day Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and during school events. If you are unable to get to the school but are interested in some items, give us a call and let us know what you are looking for and what size your child wears. We can send the items home in your child’s backpack! If it doesn’t fit, just send it back. Shopping has never been so easy!

Your child’s teacher will be contacting you to set up a parent-teacher conference towards the end of October and beginning of November. During your conference, the teacher will share the Work Sampling Assessment that has been completed for your child and talk about how your child is doing in school. It is also a time for you to ask questions, let us know about any concerns, and take advantage of the expertise available to you. We hope you are all able to come. If transportation is an issue, let us know as we may be able to arrange a home visit or a phone conference.

Please call the office by 8:30 a.m. at 772-1390 to notify us if your child will be absent. You can leave a message any time of night or day.

Here are some tips for drop off and pick up:

  • The drop off/pick up line allows families to drive up to the school and remain in the car while staff come to get your child in/out of the car. Families must remain behind the wheel in the drop off/pick up line.
  • Families may park on the street or in available parking spaces if they want to walk their child over to school.
  • If you are coming into the building, please be sure your engine is turned off when you are not behind the wheel!
  • If you arrive after 8:35, please park and come in to walk your child down to their classroom.
  • Please drive slowly and be on the lookout for small children!

Academy Staff
Full-Day Classrooms

• Jennie Horton (teacher)
• Janice Fuller (teacher)
• Julie Letendre (teacher)
• Claire Glabach (teacher)

Half-Day Classrooms (morning & afternoon)

• Caissie Putnam (teacher)
• Tarah Perna, (teacher)

Intensive Special Needs Classroom

• Liz Bednarski-Mahon (SPED Coordinator & teacher)

All-School Staff

• Nancy Garlock, Program Coordinator
• Liz Bednarski-Mahon, Program Coordinator
• Shannon Barry, School Psychologist
• Keith Urkiel, Custodian
• Tiffany Losier, School nurse
• Maggie Padilla, Administrative Assistant & Tuition Coordinator
• Renee’ Southwick & Donna Gaylord, Speech & Language Pathologists
• Heidi Merritt, Wrap-around care

Our teachers are available to meet with you to discuss your child. You can always call the school at 772-1390 to leave a message for your child’s teacher and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Because attending to your children is our highest priority, please schedule a time to speak with your child’s teacher rather than going down to the classroom during the day or trying to catch the teachers during drop off/pick up. Our teachers want to be able to give you their full attention!


Our Mission

The Academy of Early Learning provides quality pre-school education and support services in a safe, nurturing public school environment. We believe young children learn best when discovering and exploring their world through play. We are dedicated to being a responsive, community-based preschool while meeting all district, state and national performance standards for excellence. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Brain Building LogoFor more information about the importance of children interacting and learning in enriching environments, visit Brain Building in Progress, a public-private partnership, led by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and United Way.

Academy of Early Learning PTO
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Happy children

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