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Parent Update – September 29, 2022

Sep 29, 2022

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This week’s Parent Update will include:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Re-envisioning our School Facilities
  • Strategic Planning Parent Representatives
  • Eligibility Letters
  • Staffing


There are vaccination clinics (flu and COVID) on October 17th from 3 pm – 5:30 pm at Greenfield Middle School in the cafeteria and another on October 21 from 3 pm – 5 pm in the Greenfield High School cafeteria.  Information will be available on the website.

Family newsletters will be sent home from all of the schools in the next few school days. Please watch for those and the upcoming events in each.


The Greenfield School Committee representatives of the Re-envisioning our School Facilities (redistricting) subcommittee are pleased to announce the following dates and locations for community members to discuss the options shared in the NESDEC Best Use of School Facilities study:

October 11 at 5 pm in the cafeteria at Greenfield High School

October 13 at 1 pm in the community room at Leyden Woods

October 20 at 5:30 pm in the community room at Oat Courts

October 25 at 6 pm in the cafeteria at Federal Street School

We will provide transportation for the meetings held at Greenfield High School and Federal Street School.  If you plan to attend either of these meetings and need transportation, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 772-1310.

We are also providing child care at those two meetings. Please contact the Superintendent’s Office if you will need to access the child care.

If you need a copy of the report, it is available on the district website or you can request a hard copy from the Superintendent’s office.


Thank you to those of you who volunteered to participate in our Strategic Planning.  We would love to have parent representatives from Greenfield High School, Greenfield Middle School and Discovery School.


Our Food Service department will send home letters to those families who are eligible for free or reduced meals.  While these letters are not needed for school meals this year, families should keep these letters as they may be helpful for other opportunities.


The district is still looking for Instructional Assistants across all grade levels and substitute teachers and instructional assistants.  If you are interested, please check the website and click the “Click here for employment opportunities” bar on the front page.

Take care,


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