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Parent Update – December 15, 2022

Dec 15, 2022

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This week’s Parent Update will include:

  • Health Information
  • Weather


We will be hosting a vaccine clinic on December 20th from 3:30 – 6:30 pm at Newton School in the cafeteria.  Covid and flu vaccines are both available. The Health Department has $25 gift cards available for approximately 125 people who come in for COVID vaccines.  Pre-registration is required so please see the banner on the district website to sign up.

We are also able to offer transportation for families to and from the clinic.  We need to have families sign up for transportation by 3 pm Monday December 19 so we can plan for the appropriate number of people needing the transportation.


We are all watching the forecast very closely and the reports show that we are looking at a wide range of snowfall amounts.  The snowfall amounts vary for Greenfield depending on what website or news station you look at.  I’d like to share the factors being considered for Friday.

First, the road conditions and anticipated road conditions.  I work with DPW to evaluate the road conditions and also consider the forecast and their plan for clearing or treating the roads in Greenfield.

I also consider the duration of the storm.  If weather conditions are predicted to change during the day and transportation both to and home from school may be of concern, then that is also considered.

Finally, one of the considerations for this storm specifically is the ability of staff to get into work. Our staff lives in locations across western Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.  Some of these locations are expected to get more than one foot of snow in this storm.  Given the challenges we have faced with illness and staff absences recently, the storm may result in Greenfield needing to close due to staffing. This will be monitored closely this evening as the districts with the greatest snowfall predicted may begin to make decisions.

I will decide about school before 5:30 am Friday taking all of those factors into consideration.  I realize any days out of school can be inconvenient for families but I will make the decision I believe to be the safest for students and staff.  I appreciate your understanding and appreciation of the issues with weather related decisions.

Take care


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