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Parent Update – September 28, 2023

Oct 10, 2023

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This week’s Parent Update includes:

  • Elementary Open House
  • Title I School-Wide Program Information
  • Re-Envisioning our School Facilities
  • Volunteers Needed
  • Vaccine Clinic and COVID Test
  • Affordable Connectivity Program


Our preschool and elementary open house is tonight from 5 pm – 6 pm.  We hope to see all of our families there!


Greenfield Public Schools is a Title I schoolwide program.  A schoolwide program permits the use of Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school to raise the academic achievement of all the students.  Different from Title I targeted assistance schools, schoolwide programs use the approach of improving the entire school program with the intent of meeting the needs of those students who are at risk of failing to meet achievement standards.   

Greenfield Public Schools’ administration along with the reading and math interventionists analyzes student benchmark data at the beginning of each school year and creates intervention groups for those students who have skills gaps or are identified as being at risk for not meeting grade-level standards.  These intervention groups begin in six-week cycles; students are progress monitored during the six weeks to see if student growth and achievement have occurred.  After the first six-week cycle, administration and interventionists review the progress monitoring information and If the student shows proficient growth, that student no longer receives intervention as a pull-out service. If the student is still in need of intervention services, the student receives said services in another six-week cycle.

Intervention blocks are separate teaching blocks at the elementary and middle school levels and students are not missing core academic instruction.

If any parent/guardian has any questions regarding Title I math and reading interventions at any of our schools, please contact the building principal and/or the Assistant Superintendent’s office.


There will be a subcommittee meeting on October 5, 2023, at 4:15 p.m.  We are in the process of looking at school schedules and the impact on staff for the potential reconfiguration of our schools for Sept 2024.  The agenda will be posted at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


We are looking for a few volunteers to help at the Academy of Early Learning.  The work would be for approximately 30 minutes each morning to help with moving some small rolling carts.  Please reach out to AEL or Central Office


Please see the district website for information about COVID and Flu vaccine clinics.  


GCET, our local internet provider, is happy to announce they are part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program. The long-term benefit will help to lower the cost of broadband service for eligible households to afford internet service by $30 a month. This discount can be applied to existing accounts and new accounts. All Greenfield schools fall under the USDA Community Eligible Provision (CEP) category and you are eligible for this discount. Find out more about the ACP Program here: Contact GCET at 413-775-6400 with any questions.

Take care


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