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Be alert for Phishing Attempts

Sep 27, 2019

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A friendly reminder from GPS

Always be on guard for suspicious emails that ask you to contact the sender immediately, send money, make a purchase, give up personal information, and more. Most often, these emails appear to come from a trustworthy source. You may recognize the sender’s name and think it’s attached to a personal account. Stop! Beware. Do not respond. It may be a scam!

If you reply, the scammer may use your information to verify your email address or your cell phone number or to set up fraudulent accounts at other websites using your social security number.

Always alert the GPS IT department. Once they’re aware of a possible problem, they will respond by blocking the sender’s email address.

Stay Safe!

Activity: Test your phishing smarts with Google’s eight-question online phishing quiz ( After you complete the activity reflect on your answers. What did you learn?

Click here for more information about Phishing attempts, including more tips and discussion/reflection.

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