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The school committee is responsible for creating policies for the district and overseeing the development of the district budget.

The GPS School Committee is made up of 7 members including the Mayor of Greenfield and six elected officials. Members are elected in November of every odd year and serve four-year terms. The committee configures its chairperson, vice chair, and subcommittee assignments annually.

The regularly scheduled GPS School Committee occurs at 6:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month. Special meetings may be scheduled on occasion.

  • Using the remote meeting platform connection login information provided on Meeting Postings and Meeting Agendas posted to the Committee Meetings webpage.
  • In Greenfield, Comcast customers may watch live meetings on GCTV Channel 15.
  • The GCTV livestream coverage on and the GCTV Facebook Page.

The full committee can be reached by email at

School Committee Contact List 

Name EmailTerm Ends
Ann Childsannchi1@gpsk12.orgDecember 31, 2027
Elizabeth Ann DeNeeve, December 31, 2025
Virginia DeSorgher,
December 31, 2027
Melodie Goodwinmelgoo2@gpsk12.orgDecember 31, 2025
Glenn Johnson-Mussad, Chairglejoh1@gpsk12.orgDecember 31, 2025
Kathryn Lynn Martini, Vice Chairkatmar2@gpsk12.orgDecember 31, 2025
Stacey Sextonstasex1@gpsk12.orgDecember 31, 2027
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