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The Greenfield Public Schools welcomes new School Committee members!

Please Note: new members must complete the OML Certification Form and also return this form within 2 weeks of taking office. 

  1. School Committee policy manual 
  2. Open Meeting Law:
    1. Open Meeting Law Guide and Educational Materials from MA Attorney General. *** This certification must be completed and returned within 2 weeks of taking office***  
    2. Presentation on Open Meeting Law from MASC
  3. New Member Orientation from Mass. Association of School Committees (MASC), “Charting the Course” 
  4. Conflict of Interest Regulations from the City of Greenfield’s HR Department
  5. District’s budget documents
  6. Collective bargaining agreements 
  7. Parent/Guardian and Student Handbooks: (Academy of Early Learning), (Newton School), (Federal Street), (Discovery School at Four Corners), (Greenfield Middle School), (Greenfield High School)
  8. Organizational Chart listing school buildings and key personnel 
  9. ’23-’24 Academic Year Calendar 
  10. Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines for all users

If you have any questions about the requirements for New Members, please contact the School Committee Chair or the Superintendent’s Office at 772-1326.

Thank you!

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