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Welcome to the GPS District Technology Page.

Have questions? Need help or support with your device or service? Our tech department at GPS can help! Please use our Trouble Ticket system to contact us. 

Greenfield Public Schools uses a Trouble Ticket system to report all technology requests. If you have a technology support request (e.g., problems related to broken devices, account access, etc.)

You can submit a ticket by launching your Internet browser and in the address bar, entering:

A login page for the support portal will be displayed.

At the bottom of the page you’ll see:

New support ticket

Click the button that says: New support ticket.

Fill out the form that displays, entering your name, the problem you are reporting, the type of problem, building location, room number, and a brief description of the issue. If you have a photo of the problem you can attach it to your description.

IT Trouble Ticket Screenshot

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Group field

Choose IT Department from the Group drop-down list.

Click Submit to record your trouble ticket.

Thank you.

Best Practice Strategies for Storing and Sharing Student Data

  1. Don’t store student data on flash drives. They are easy to lose and could put the data at risk.
  2. Be careful about storing student data on your cell phone and laptop.
  3. If you lose a flash drive, cell phone or laptop, make sure to tell your supervisor so that the District can take appropriate actions in response.
  4. Don’t send student data to anyone that doesn’t have a legitimate educational need for it. This is especially true of anyone not working for the Greenfield Public Schools
  5. Even with other GPS employees, only send the data that is needed to the people who need it.
  6. Be careful about putting student data into emails because those emails could be an educational record. Keep in mind that parents and others can read the emails if they ask to see them.
  7. Don’t store student data online on cloud services provided by Dropbox or your personal Google account. If you need to store student data in a cloud service, use your district Google Drive.
  8. Even when you use your district Google Drive, make sure that the sharing permissions on the document, sheet, or folder are locked down as tightly as they can be. If you need help with how to share documents, visit

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