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The district teachers will annually review curriculum to ensure alignment with standards and to address any weaknesses regarding learning targets, activities, or assessments. In addition, the Assistant Superintendent regularly reviews specific educational materials via coaching and planning meetings with teacher leaders from each building.

Together, teachers, teacher leaders, building administration and the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development will review educational materials for simplistic and demeaning generalizations, lacking intellectual merit, on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin and sexual orientation. When materials involved in activities or discussions relate to any sort of stereotype or bias, coaches work with teachers to establish a developmentally appropriate way to engage students in learning in a psychologically safe and educationally focused way. In other words, discussions and/or materials are used to provide balance and context for any stereotype depicted in materials, based on the enacted policy of the Greenfield School Committee.

In the case that a student or parent/guardian believes that any curricula or supplementary material is inappropriate for a school setting, the district encourages families to share their perspective so that together teachers and parents/guardians can make sense of the situation, look at it from different lenses, and establish a resolution focusing on providing balance and context for any stereotypes depicted in materials.

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