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It is the Greenfield School Committee’s desire that the use of school property be enjoyed by the community.  The School Committee recognizes that the buildings under their jurisdiction provide large and diversified meeting places within the community.  It is the Committee’s intent that such use will maintain safe conditions and preserve property for school program use.

It is the first priority of the School Committee to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of school facilities.  Liability for both the school district and participants must also be a top priority regarding the use of school facilities.

All activities will be governed by the provisions of the M.G.L.’s and other legal references as noted below and according to the policies adopted by the Greenfield School Committee.

Please see policy KF Permission and Priority of Use and KF-R Conditions of Use.

Facilities Usage Form (PDF)

For questions, call 413-772-1300, or stop by Central Office at 195 Federal Street, Suite 100.

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