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It is important that students follow the rules of their school bus. Those rules are put into place for all riders’ safety. Here are a few important rules to know:

          1. The bus rules are the same as the school rules.

          2. Be courteous, don’t swear or use negative words about anyone

          3. No eating or drinking on the bus

          4. Respect and cooperate with your driver

          5. Stay seated at all times

          6. If you cross the street, wait for your driver to signal you to cross

          7. Danger zone is 10 feet in all directions from a school bus.

These are very important to follow these rules each and every day you ride the bus. Distracting the driver can cause an accident. You need to follow the driver’s instructions in case of an emergency. If you have any questions always ask your driver.

REMINDER: Listen to your driver; They are there to make sure you are safe and everyone who rides the school bus to and from school is safe.

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