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We also have a collection of books you can borrow about raising children with special education needs that parents have found helpful in the past. The library is available at Central Office. The following is a sample of our always growing collection! For more information, call the Pupil Services office at (413) 772-1320. 


Title Author
Teaching Reading To Children With Down Syndrome Oelwein, Patricia Logan
Fine Motor Skills In Children With Down Syndrome Bruni, Maryanne
Gross Motor Skills In Children With Down Syndrome Winders, Patricia C.
VB-MAPP Sundberg, Mark L.
Inclusive Programming For Elementary Students With Autism Wagner, Sheila
Strategies And Tactics Of Behavioral Research Johnston, J.M. & Pennypacker, H.S.
Babies With Down Syndrome Stray-Gundersen, Karen
How To Teach Verbal Behavior Sturmey, Peter
Understanding How Children With Down Syndrome Learn Peoples, Susan J.
Communication Skills In Children With Down Syndrome Kumin, Libby
A Picture's Worth; PECS And Other Visual Communication Bondy, Andy & Frost, Lori
Reaching Out, Joining In; Teaching Social Skills Weiss, Mary Jane & Harris, Sandra L.
Medical & Surgical Care For Children With Down Syndrome Van Dyke, Mattheis, Eberly. William
Disconnected Kids Melillo, Dr. Robert
The Reason I Jump Higashida, Naoki
The Reason I Jump Higashida, Naoki
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Haddon, Mark
Behavioral Intervention For Young Children With Autism Maurice, Catherine
Right From The Start Harris, Sandra & Weiss, Mary Jane
Positive Behavioral Support Koegel, Lynn & Robert, Dunlap, Glen
The Eyes Of Raymond Hu Hu, Raymond
Common Threads Kidder, Cynthia S. & Skotko, Brian
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